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Silk Turban

Preserve Your hair and protect your new Hair Style with the Silky Turban

 No raggedy edges over here! The Silky Turban helps preserve your new look overnight without messing up the style. Put the bonnet away girl, Bae is coming lol

 Made of the finest 100% mulberry silk, this turban was designed to keep your silk rollers in and ensure the most comfortable rest.There are 0 irritating allergens or odd odors in our high-quality silk to interrupt your beauty sleep. Most importantly the premium material means less frizz, less breakage and more moisture. We are "Grand"so only the best for you!

 Available in chic– deep turquoise Our Silky Turban features a knotted front design and an elastic back providing you with extra stretch, accommodating the thickest tresses or an extra full bundle install.

 Protecting your new 'do has never been easier. Luxury vibes only!The Silk Turban is super cute you might forget to take it off.