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From the womb I was born to be a hairstylist. My mother attended cosmetology school while pregnant with me. Growing up I saw my mother  working from home doing hair.  In the 8th grade at the tender age of 13 I decided to go to J.M. Wright Technical High School, for Cosmetology. I was that girl in the class always doing someone's hair. By the 10th grade I knew I wanted to know EVERYTHING there was about hair and the installation of extensions! Passionate about the industry, as a young girl I began saving my money to purchase tools and hair supplies. I graduated in 2002 and by 2010 I had a lot of practicing on my friends and family. Once I had my daughter I decided to start my own business. I became extremely excited about perfecting whatI'd like to call my craft. 22 years later, here I am a successful wig specialist salon / Virgin Hair Boutique owner. 


It is amazing to think about how God has planted tiny seeds that grew into my journey. After Graduating from J.M. Wright Tech, I immediately went into a salon environment and learned what it takes to be a successful hairstylist . I didn't have many clients so I resorted to working from home, which allowed me to sharpen my skills and build a great clientele. I worked from home full time for 9 years servicing clients and by the 5th year I was selling hair online. I physically wasn't able to work from home anymore so I reluctantly decided it was time for me to open a space that would be esthetically pleasing while offering a professional environment for stylists and their clients. Grand Strands Virgin Hair Boutique was born! 


I started selling hair because my clients were lost and tired of wasting their money on low quality hair.Through diligent research and my commitment to ensuring that we are providing the highest quality of human hair possible, Grand Strands Virgin Hair is ethically sourced and full of volume and luster. We never dye or cut our extensions, prior to sale. You are purchasing extensions at their authentically rawest form when you shop with us.



I'm dedicated to inspiring confidence and empowering you to look and feel your best.



“Girl, "this is your real hair”